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What makes our approach to Architectural Services different?  What distinguishes Craig Polhamus Architect from other firms is that we use a client-centered approach in all that we do in providing our Architectural Services. This method is based on years of experience in providing services to many types of clients. We do this in a number of ways:

  • We provide a flexible team of highly specialized people who can work together to accomplish client goals and meet or exceed design expectations. This allows us to customize each project to the unique needs of each client. We match those skill sets that are needed along with those persons that are available based on project location and schedule.

  • No project is either too small or too large for our team. Our initial goal is to balance and choosethe project team based on the overall parameters of Quality, Budget, and Schedule. An initial meeting is critical to determine what the client is looking for so that we can match up the best​ team for the project at hand.

  • We can demonstrate that the specific project experiences of the individual team members will be used on the client's project as opposed to the typical company centric listing of related project experience. This insures that the relevant knowledge needed to make a project successful will be utilized on your project. A client should ask if they are getting the same employees assigned to their project as was used in the company list of project experience.  Many times, work is assigned to inexperienced employees.

  • We prefer to use independent consultants for several reasons. By forming these strategic relationships with highly skilled team members, we ensure that the level of service will correspond to the skill level reflected by these individuals. These individuals compete in a positive and cooperative fashion so that their services will be used on future projects. Company overhead is reduced since each team member can choose what equipment works best for him or her and where they work to maximize their productivity.

We encourage ongoing training and education so that we are knowledgeable of the latest materials and methods to produce optimum end results.  We have created company standards for information management so that relevant project data is available to both team members and clients using secure cloud-based systems and file management. Many times, an hourly rate contract with a fee estimate or project budget works best to provide flexibility to obtain optimum results. We take pride in providing ongoing documentation so that information and decisions are communicated to all project stakeholders.  We are flexible in what we provide as project deliverables. Many times, clients request limited drawings to minimize design costs due to their own in-house capabilities - a request that we are able to accommodate. We have even provided billingual documents and metric conversions as needed by the client. Specific client needs are typically met by matching specialized skills with project needs. Examples include, specialization in Historic Preservation, Structural analysis,Vertical Transportation to name just a few. We also have experience in almost every building type. Let us examine your specific needs and design aspirations to see if we can provide for you, Architecture for a New Environment!

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Art Galleries, Community Centers, Fire Service Facilities, Hospitality, Individual Stores, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Medical Centers, Medical Offices, Multi-Unit Residential, Offices, Religious Facilities, Restaurants, Single Family Residential, Special Needs Housing

Craig Polhamus Architect

Founded: 1993

Owner: Craig Polhamus

Affiliations: AIA, Fayetteville Historic Preservation Commission

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Accessibility/ADA, Addition/Alteration, Architecture, Code Compliance, Historic Preservation, Master Planning, Programming, Renovation, Surveys/Studies, Sustainable Design 

Color, texture, light, furnishings – details like these can transform an environment, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. 


Our goal is to balance the project based on the overall parameters of Quality, Budget, and Schedule. We can demonstrate specific project experiences of the individual team members to be used to insure that the relevant knowledge needed to make a project successful will be utilized on your project..

Architecture for a New Environment